In the fag end of Dec-2018 we thought of doing something different which any other laundry company in India didn’t do or think of it till that day. So after a full brain storming session we came to a conclusion that we should come out with a concept that would be helpful to the garment retailers (who sell the garments via offline stores/ecommerce websites). 

We came to this very concept because, for example if a customer buys any consumer electronic goods or automobiles, the first thing he/she finalizes before zeroing in on any particular product is it’s after sales service. Similarly coming to ‘laundry or dry-cleaning’, this industry can be termed as the after sales service for the textile industry. The driving point whichmany miss is that, the life of the garment will be drastically reduced if one doesn’t follow a set of procedures while washing/dry-cleaning. Off late people are slowly evolving and coming to professional laundry services like us to service their clothes

After analyzing the pros & cons and going through some of the top most textile brands across the globe we’ve chosen a brand which is almost a 94 year old and has built a very good reputation for itself- ‘The Raymonds’. Once we zeroed upon Raymonds we started approaching them in the same time. The process has started and we approached at least 10 different small-big Raymond stores in Hyderabad. Some were not at all ready to accept this concept and some others had shown interest but couldn’t connect us to the top management who were actually the decision makers.

Then we slowly started connecting with people in the head office(Mumbai) through e-mails, calls but then also the response was very timid. We put forth our idea of cross branding, how we can collaborate and work together but the interest was very bleak.  One fine day after 6 months we’ve got a call from Raymonds-Mumbai. They liked the concept as it is really new in our industry hence wanted to collaborate and work with us.

Laundry services in Hyderabad

What made Raymond's to choose PKC

The collaboration wasn’t that easy as they visited our plant and did a thorough audit of all our operational procedures, had discussions with out plant staff on how we do dry-cleaning, what chemicals we use and other things.They were very stringent on the quality aspect as they didn’t want our service quality to affect their brand and neither did we. Internally, PKC has a very long check list-

  1. Chemicals usage
  2. Water quality
  3. Stain Removal processes
  4. Wash Cycle Time
  5. Logistics
  6. Delivery Time

As PKC had these internal check lists, it was very easy for us to build confidence in Raymonds.

After this exercise the Raymonds team had got confidence that PKC can get the job done and they gave a green signal for the collaboration.

At this very time Raymonds has also started a separate division in the online space called ‘Raymonds – Custom Tailoring’. Because of this very concept of we being online Raymonds finalized and agreed to collaborate with us. Once the collaboration was done we started promoting Raymods-Custom Tailoring to our clients. Raymonds was very happy on the leads we gave them on the same lines Raymonds also generated leads for us through their client base.

The various types of services we offer are-

  • Wash and Fold
  • Wash and Iron
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Steam Iron
  • Steam Removal processes

We are specialized in dry-cleaning of Blazers /Suits/Party Wear etc.,

As this was a new concept everybody was skeptical at the first but as the responses of customers from both the sides was positive the whole process became a really wonderful experience. When a 4 year old company gets to work with a 94 year old brand the feeling is always really high!